It was recently published in the journal “Speech and Communication” (volume 14, n.2) ( the article “AFASIA: THE TEXT OF THE ISO-SPREAD GUIDELINES” by the doctors Cristina Flosi e Patrizia Consolmagno (Service of Clinical Neuropsychology, ENT / Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy of the OPA Sol et Salus), both Members of the Extensing Group of the ISO-SPREAD Guidelines.

The article is of particular relevance because it provides users with the complete and unpublished text of the paragraph dedicated to aphasia in the chapter entirely reserved for post-stroke rehabilitation and which, for editorial reasons, had been published only in the form of recommendations and partially summary to support. Furthermore, in preparation for the next revision of the Guidelines, the original text has been updated and integrated with the new scientific evidence currently available for each topic addressed: epidemiology and prognosis; the sometimes dramatic impact that aphasia has on both the patient and family; the evaluation of verbal and extra-verbal communication methods, including the analysis of the needs of the patient and his family members, the assessment tools available and selected according to the ICF classification;
the effectiveness of rehabilitation, the objectives, the methods, the intensity and the timing of the rehabilitation of aphasia and, finally, the computerized rehabilitation, the tele-rehabilitation and the new technologies.

With this review, the authors have set a double goal: to offer a useful support for a good clinical practice to professionals who take charge of people with aphasia but also to encourage the reading of interested and motivated users and facilitate the understanding of the topics covered.