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Urology is a branch of Medicine and Surgery that deals mainly with all those pathologies that are dependent on the genitourinary system (both male and female), which are: kidneys, ureters, bladder and in males the prostate. The urological examination is designed to diagnose, exclude or monitor a urological disorder, including: incontinence, urinary tract infections and calculus, disorders related to sexual functions, neoplasia, male and female genital infections, prostatitis (in males). The first phase of the visit which is called “anamnesis” is intended to create an initial picture of the patient’s life by asking a series of questions. The second phase of the visit is different according to whether you are male or female.

If the patient is a male, the doctor will proceed to evaluate the lower abdomen and the external genital area. During this visit the prostate can also be checked by palpating the rectal canal to verify the glands health status. If the patient is a female, the urological examination is very similar to a gynaecological examination. After having checked the patient’s medical history, the urologist will evaluate the urinary system, excluding or identifying the presence of bladder and/or uterus prolapse (conditions often associated with incontinence)

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