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Radiography (RX), or radiological examination, uses type X electromagnetic radiation to analyse a skeletal segment or an area (thorax, abdomen). The radiation produced passes through the patient’s body and forms an image of the segment or area being examined on the x-ray. Radiography is mainly performed to document bone degeneration (arthrosis), inflammatory alteration (arthritis), possible metastases or bone lesions resulting from trauma.

The mammography is a particular breast X-ray. It is a very simple examination that does not cause any pain apart from a slight and momentary discomfort due to the breast compression by the equipment used which is necessary in order to obtain a clear and precise image. It is performed in an upright position, bare-breasted placing the breast on the proper support. Two X-rays are usually taken for each breast in order to completely visualise the mammary gland. The exam lasts a few minutes. It is the only method that allows the neoplasia diagnosis even at an advanced phase.

This service is part of the “Bellaria Project”.

NHS reservations regarding the “Bellaria Project” refer only to the branch of Traditional Radiology (Thorax and Bone X-rays).
This type of service can only be prescribed to clients with general practitioners in the Bellaria Igea Marina area.

The “Bellaria Project” reservations are only available at the Sol et Salus reservation office and cannot be booked at the CUP.

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