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Person in charge: Pantazis Pantazopoulos
Nurse coordinator: Manuela Fusconi

The hospitalisation service and treatment aims for an early administration of rehabilitation intervention in patients coming from intensive care and resuscitation wards from regional and non-regional hospitals which cannot receive these patients directly into the intensive rehabilitation department due to insufficient clinical stability. Adequate levels of medical-nursing care are guaranteed and the department is a fundamental element which ensures care continuity in patients suffering from severe brain injury who require vital function monitoring while the activities scheduled by the rehabilitation project are carried out.

In this context the department appears specifically dedicated to “function recovery”: the patient’s prompt and frequent evaluation of rehabilitation resources are aimed  at quickly identifying which rehabilitation methods are applicable; quick changes to clinical conditions are supported promptly by weaning the patient off  the vital life support equipment, autonomy progress but keeping a vigil watch out for any relapses; multi-specialised and multidisciplinary interventions with the continuous presence of the resuscitating physicians, intern (of various specialised departments such as neurologist, pulmonologist, etc., physiatrists, social workers, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapist, neuropsychologist, psychologist, counsellor.

Department description and location
The department is located on the second floor. From the reception using the lift it allows access to the department for patients on stretchers or in wheelchairs. Altogether 11 beds are available. Apart from the single room all the other rooms have two beds, a bathroom which is equipped for the disabled and a centralised electronic monitoring system from the nurses office. All department rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

For information:
Switchboard: 0541 725111
Deparment: 0541 725204
Nurse coordinator: 0541 725289  (from 8:00am  to 2:00pm)

For admission requests please contact the admissions office: 0541 725110 (from 8:00am to 1:30pm) or via FAX 0541/725179