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Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with sport, physical exercise and related pathologies, including preventative measures.

It has an indispensable role in preparing professional athletes and its main aim is assessing someone’s  physical condition in order to provide the most correct training indications and any advice related to nutrition and preventive measures as well as treating pathologies at the onset (excess weight, scoliosis, flat or hollow foot, etc.) in young sportsmen when starting a sport. If on the other hand it is an adult who has never done sport or starts again after years of inactivity the aim is to give some indication related to the type of activity he can practise without any risks.

It deals with health education aimed at students, parents, technical operators with the intent of raising awareness of physical activity benefits when properly practised, both regarding a healthy individual as well as those who have different significant pathologies which are curable with programmed movements.

Outpatient opening hours
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