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The Sol et Salus hospital is equipped with the most modern robotic technologies in upper and lower limb rehabilitation, placing itself as a leading facility in neuro-motor rehabilitation. The robotic equipment provided are:

  • ERIGO®: static bed with an integrated robotic stepping system with which it is possible to implement a passive lower limb bilateral mobilisation (with or without weight help) in a movement which simulates walking.
  • ARMEO SPRING®: a machine that combines an upper limb mouldable support, an augmentative feedback and a large 3D work space which allows to carry out the therapy in a virtual reality environment. The ARMEO® software and exercises motivate the patients and evaluate therapy progress: it records joint angles and hand trajectories allowing therapists to assess the patient’s coordination and progress.

Reasons for choosing the robot.
Clinical research has shown that patients with injury to the central nervous system (e.g. stroke) have a great recovery potential if they follow a repetitive, frequent, intense and functional recovery rehabilitation. The robots are useful for mobility recovery because they allow the patient to perform repetitive training with an intensity adjusted to the capability remained in the patient and they select numerous personalised exercises. They stimulate the peripheral and proprioceptive receptors with programmed movements and intensity and with visual and hearing aid support (proprioception = ability to perceive and recognise the position of one’s own body in space and one’s own muscle contraction even without seeing) that can modulate the implementation of a more correct neuro-motor sequence. During robotic machine rehabilitation the patient’s role is always central.

Robotic rehabilitation summary:

  • Assists the therapist by doing the most appropriate motor therapy with precision and repeatability
  • Modulates the difficulty of the exercise
  • Allows task-orientated repetitive activities with increased feed-back to encourage brain plasticity
  • Obtains quantitative movement information
  • evaluates the services performed

For information and reservations:
Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory

Opening times:
Monday -Friday 8am-5pm
Information: 0541 725139
via e-mail: lamb@soletsalus.com
via fax: 0541 725147