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Some locomotor pathologies are directly related to posture. An incorrect posture may arise during child development as a result of one of the Tonic Postural System peripheral receptor imbalance. The main receptors are: the feet, the eyes, the mouth, the tongue, the skin and the ear. The main pathologies linked to poor posture derive from deficiency of one or more of these receptors that transmit asymmetric information to the central nervous system.

The postural imbalance correction which cause various painful conditions occur through identifying the peripheral receptors that cause these imbalances. This is a global approach that takes into account multiple factors. The investigation consists of a computerised analysis of the barycentre, of the muscular tone, of the vertebral column structure; the foot support, the eye convergence, the mandibular occlusion are analysed as well as how much it can interfere with the central nervous system. The therapy is aimed at restoring correct posture over time.

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