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Physical and rehabilitative medicine is that part of medicine that deals with people who have developed a disability which can be more or less temporary (motor disability, intellectual disability)  as a result of some types of illnesses that involve: the nervous system (stroke or other brain diseases, spinal cord paralysis disease, etc.); bones or joints (illnesses requiring hip or knee replacement surgery); the circulatory and respiratory system. Some disabilities can be caused by cancer or degenerative illnesses. Thanks to the increasingly effective treatment progress and specific individual rehabilitation programmes, patients can achieve good results and good living standards.

Rehabilitation is a complex problem solving and educational process  during which the patient reaches the best possible standard of living from a psycho-physical, functional, social and emotional point of view. This requires the collaboration of several professionals (doctor, nurse, OSS (social health worker), physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, neuropsychologist, psychologist and social worker) all together creating the Rehabilitation Team. Taking into account the pathology, needs, disabilities, abilities and socio-residential conditions of the patient, the Rehabilitation Team’s task is to elaborate an Individual Rehabilitation Project on the basis of which the treatments will be planned and carried out. The project indicates the rehabilitation aims, the strategies and the achievement time frames.


Rehabilitation care can be accessed once a rehabilitation project is created (putting together different proposals which have been elaborated by the multi-professional rehabilitation team, coordinate by the doctor), which:

  • Takes into account overall needs, patient’s preferences, his injuries, disabilities and abilities as well as limits imposed by environmental situations and available resources;
  • Defines the required results, the patient’s goals and priorities, as well as those of his family and medical team;
  • Demonstrates the rehabilitation team’s awareness and understanding of all the patient’s problems including aspects that are not subject to specific intervention;
  • Identifies those involved, the commitment and methods needed.
  • Is comprehensible and appropriate for the patient and his family members
  • Is communicated to all those involved in the project.

The individual interventions foreseen in the rehabilitation project are carried out as part of a therapeutic programme which:

  • Defines the specific intervention areas;
  • Identifies and includes intervention aims that will be carried out and updates them over time;
  • Defines the foreseeable times for carrying out the interventions, as well as the methods used and time schedule;
  • Defines the appropriate outcome measures for intervention evaluation, the expected outcome based on these measures and the time to verify the outcome success.


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