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Gynaecology is a medical discipline that deals with the condition of female genital organs and excludes the presence of pathologies. A gynaecological check-up is a visit that should be done periodically as a secondary prevention of cervical tumours, fibroids or pelvic endometriosis together with a Pap Test. Sometimes it may be necessary to understand the reasons behind menstrual cycle disorders (e.g. irregularities, pains or particularly abundant bleeding), as well as contraception, when wanting to remain pregnant or breast problems and disorders related to the menopause.

This particular type of visit always requires detailed medical history information followed by a gynaecological examination of the external genitalia, vaginal exploration as well as breast check. Sometimes an ultrasound can also be performed (in some cases through a transvaginal sonogram) which allows to assess how healthy the uterus is or to verify a pregnancy suspicion in very early stages of pregnancy. The examination can also evaluate thyroid and lymph nodes condition.

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