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Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory – Movement and biomechanics analysis is located on the ground floor on the Sol et Salus hospital. From the reception one must proceed in the direction of the orthopaedic gyms and the laboratory is at the end of the hall. The specific sign indicated the correct laboratory location.

Working timetable: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5.00 pm
Tel. 0541 725139 – fax 0541 725147 – E-mail: lamb@soletsalus.com

The team

• Davide Mazzoli
Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory Director, Research and development rehabilitation technology Manager

Martina Galletti
Physiatrist doctor

Giacomo Basini
Physiatrist doctor

• Francesca Mascioli
Physical therapist

 Andrea Merlo
Electronic-Biomedical Engineer, PhD in Experimental Medicine,
Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory Scientific Director

• Paolo Prati
Biomedical Engineer, Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory Technical Manager,
Head Engineer at Sol et Salus Clinic

• Paolo Zerbinati
Neuro-orthopaedic surgeon, specialised in hand surgery

analisi movimento biomeccanicaThe Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory uses advanced biomedical equipment  to measure the actual human movement, such as stereo photogrammetry inertial sensors (IMU), surface electromyography system (EMG) and depth (Fine Wire); through the use of power and pressure platforms it studies the internal and external forces which are generated during movement. This equipment allows to obtain an accurate analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of the body segments and that of the correlated articulations involved in the motor task that is being tested.
Clinical evaluations carried out prior to the equipment results are also of great importance to the laboratory. Therefore the use of clinical equipment and tests validated in research documentation are taken into consideration.

analisi movimento biomeccanicaThe Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory aim is to support the rehabilitation team in identifying the best therapeutic programme for patients affected by movement disorders caused by injuries to the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS), as well as to other motor apparatus pathologies.
It actively contributes to the knowledge of human and pathological movement through scientific research conducted autonomously or in collaboration with the most important National Universities (Engineering, Medicine and Surgery faculties, as well as the Postgraduate Schools in Orthopaedics, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, degree courses in Physiotherapy and Motor Sciences), articles published in medical magazines and National and International “dissemination” activities.

The specific services offered at the Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory are:

– Upper limb dynamic EMG evaluation
– EMG walking evaluation
– Basography
– Video recording
– Kinematic and dynamic walking analysis
– Upper limb kinematic analysis
– Kinematic analysis of the trunk
– Upper and lower limb functional evaluation
– Walking disability evaluation
– Neuromuscular block diagnostics
– Upper and lower limb spasticity focal treatment
– Upper and lower limb spasticity focal treatment with botulin toxin
– Spasticity treatment using physical therapy and neuro-motor rehabilitation techniques
– Upper limb functional surgery programme
– Upper limb functional surgery programme
– Spasticity treatment resulting from PCI (cerebral paralysis in children)

Spasticity treatment resulting from PCI (cerebral paralysis in children) becoming an interesting element for university students and for companies which develop innovation and technology transfer in the rehabilitation field.