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The antalgic laser therapy is a treatment that takes advantage of laser beams in treating certain pain conditions. The laser is mainly used in this way due to its ability to stimulate vasodilation and increase lymphatic drainage which are two characteristics that allow laser therapy to be particularly suitable for antalgic purposes. Laser therapy has the following effects: anti-edema: acting on the veno-lymphatic circulation; analgesic: increasing the pain threshold, algogenic substance removal; anti-inflammatory: blocking the biochemical and cellular damaging processes; bio-stimulant: biochemical system activation which has been compromised by cellular damage.

Laserix is used at Sol et Salus, a latest generation laser whose innovation consists in outstanding high power emission. In this way high therapeutic performances are obtained with ample safety margins for operators and patients. It is effective; increasing therapy results; powerful, reaching deep layers allowing to treat chronic diseases at all levels. Healing times for many athletes are reduced , increasing the percentage of success. This laser is particularly effective on: acute inflammation, acute tendinitis and chronic exacerbated tendinopathies; capsulitis and ligament injuries both traumatic and degenerative; muscle contractions. Chronic and degenerative inflammation: ligament and tendon injuries; sprains, not recent muscular lesions; arthrosis; spine and joint pain. Pain therapy: for both deeply rooted and post-traumatic and degenerative origin; for fibroids and neurites.

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