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Dear User, we inform you that according to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 that:
Sol et Salus S.r.l controls data collection , registered office in Torre Pedrera in via San Salvador, 204 tel 0541 725111 email: dirsan@soletsalus.com p.e.c.: dirsan@pec.soletsalus.com
The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Savino Solution S.r.l. based in Salerno, Piazza Flavio Gioia n. 3, the person responsible for the privacy is the Lawyer Pietro Montella, tel. 089/255229 email: dpo@soletsalus.it to whom you may send a request to access documentation as he is the interlocutor for all those involved, both for matters concerning personal data processing as well as exerting ones rights.

Personal data which is communicated to Sol et Salus S.r.l. via this website is used solely to manage online services (online reservations, online medical reports, etc.) which are offered on the website www.soletsalus.it and this allows to receive news and information regarding the company’s activities.
Data processing will be carried out using automated and computerised methods.

Data provision to Sol et Salus S.r.l. is needed for service registration, it is mandatory in order to access the requested services. If the user denies this authorisation they will not be able to request online service registration.
We also inform you that pursuant to art. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 of the European Regulation n. 679/2016:

  • The concerned party has the right to obtain indication in regards to the origin of the personal data; the processing purpose and methods; the applied logic behind online treatment; the title holder’s identifying details, the people responsible or group of people to whom the personal data could be communicated to or who could have access being a manager or agent;
  • The interested party has the right to ask the data controller to access personal data and to correct, update, integrate, delete or transform the data into an anonymous form or limit the personal data processing or objected to the data being used, beyond the right of data portability;
  • The interested party has the right to open a complaint to the supervisory authority;
  • The interested party has the right to request to block the data process in violation with the law, including the data that does not need to be kept for the same reason it was initially collected or subsequently used; testimony that the above operations have been brought to the attention, regarding the contents as well, of those to whom the data was communicated or distributed, except for when fulfilment proves to be impossible or involves the use of means totally out of proportion in order to protect ones rights.
  • The interested party has the right to object at any time, for reasons connected to one’s particular situation, for personal data to be used as by Article 6, paragraph 1, letter e) or f), including profiling on the same basis. The data controller refrains from further processing personal data unless he can demonstrate the existence of a binding legitimate reason to proceed with the processing that prevails over the interested party’s interests, rights and freedom or assessment, the exercise or defence of a right in court.
  • The right to withdraw consent to processing personal data is granted by sending a registered letter with return receipt or via pec to the Sol et Salus S.r.l. address indicated above.
  • More generally the interested party can exercise their right as referred to art. 7 and 13 of the 679/2016EU Regulation.

Please also remember, that:
For any further information regarding the personal data processing, existing personal data confirmation request, personal data rectification or deletion request, please send an email to dpo@soletsalus.it indicating clearly the information or request required.

Cookies Policy

Dear user,
the personal data you provide Sol et Salus S.r.l. with is processed in compliance wth the legislation on personal data protection, pursuant to the aforementioned Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

In particular, we would like to inform you that:

When a user accesses the website, services, apps, our authorised service providers may use cookies to store information in order to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience. Through this information material we intend to provide you with some information on the technology used and how it is used on our sites and for our services, apps and tools. Below are some important aspects to know about using this technology

Cookies: whilst browsing the website, www.soletsalus.it, small data files called “cookies” are installed onto your devise in order to guarantee the website function. Even the most important websites do the same. Cookies are small files that allow us to know your research criteria and to process anonymous web-surfing statistics. They are managed by the browser.

In particular they contain:
– The domain concerning the cookies;
– The creation and expiry dates.
The cookies can access only the domains they have created.

Different types of cookies used by Sol et Salus S.r.l.

  1. a) cookies necessary for web browsing: these are cookies that are used exclusively to store search criteria:
    cisel_paramIT : Contains the last language selected, in order to use it by default during the next visit as well as the last page visited. These cookies are kept for 1 month in order to avoid having to ask you the requested language every time (valid for countries that use multiple languages, such as Switzerland or Belgium).
    2. ASP.NET_SessionId: User’s Session Number. All information regarding the selections and the research criteria are contained in the Session and therefore on the server. This number is simply the key that identifies the user during his visit. It lasts as long as your visit to the site.
    3. Cookie_accept: Cookies which test to find out whether the browser accepts cookies. It contains only “OK”. Stays till the end of the visit.
    4. Info_cookie_vp: Allows you to know if you have clicked on the banner informing you that cookies exist. It’s value is “True” and it remains till the end of the visit.
    5. Country Contains “IT” on all websites. It remains till the end of the visit.
  2. b) cookies which measure Google Analytics audience: they are used to know which pages are consulted, how much time you remain, , how many link pages you visit. By analysing this data we can improve our website, which will allow you to find information more easily:
    __utma: Contains the number of visits for each user, the date and time of the visit, the previous visit and the current visit. This allows us to know if you are a first timer or how often you visit.
    2. __utmb e __utmc: They are used to calculate how fast you move from one page to another: _utmb records the access time on a page, _utmc verifies if you need to create a new session or if it is a continuation of the previous one. _utmb remains for 30 minutes after the last page visited, _utmc expires when you leave the website.
    3. __utmz: Allows us to know how you arrived to the website: directly, starting from an advertising campaign, or entering words on a search engine (bing.com, google.it, for example). It remains for 6 months and is updated with each new arrival.
    4. _dc_gtm_UA-XXXXXXX: with XXXXXX The Google website identifier. It remains for 10 minutes after the last page was consulted.
    5. _ga: It allows to distinguish the different users. Remains for a month.
    6. WRUID: Allows to analyse your movements anonymously. Remains for 1 year.
    7. WRIgnore: It is used if the domain is not selected. It lasts 10 minutes.
    8. _CT_Data: It counts the number of pages viewed as well as the visits. Remains a year.
    9. _g_c e _g_u: Allows to measure traffic in real time.

Setting your Internet browsers parameters.

You can choose at any time to disable these cookies. Your browser can also be set up to notify you of the cookies that are stored on your computer and ask you to accept them or not. You can accept or reject cookies on a case by case basis, or reject them systematically once and for all.
The configuration of each browser is different and is described in the browsers help menu, which will allow you to know how to change your preferences regarding cookies.
Please note that setting parameters can change your access conditions to our services, for those that require the use of cookies.

Blocking cookies on your browser.
If your browser is set up to reject all cookies, you cannot select or enter information in the indicators. In order to manage cookies as closely as possible to your expectations, we invite you to set your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as indicated above.
Consult the browsers online help to block all cookies.
You can also delete cookies already on your computer and set almost all browsers to block installation. If you choose this option however you will have to manually change some preferences each time you visit the website and it is possible that some services or certain features will not be available.