On Saturday 29th September at the Private Accredited Hospital Sol et Salus an important scientific update was held which gave rise to a collaboration between the hospital and theACMT Charcot Marie Tooth disease network. L’evento è stato promosso dalla ACMT-rete e dal Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory which for years has dealt with numerous problems related to movement in patients with neurological lesions of central and peripheral origin making a fundamental contribution to the decision-making process regarding the neuro-orthopedic and rehabilitative surgical choices.

The director of the Gait & Motion Analysis Laboratory, Davide Mazzoli explains the reason for this collaboration: “our activity, in tune with neuro-orthopedics, has grown a lot in recent years, positioning ourselves at high levels in terms of core competence and results obtained on patients; for this reason we believe it is important to make an important clinical and scientific contribution to patients who have this pathology, in particular in defining the most appropriate surgical and rehabilitative pathways, in line with a “patient-direct” approach based on the needs of the individual. We believe, as for all patients, that a correct therapeutic-rehabilitative approach should have as its objective the improvement of the quality of life of the person intervening on all aspects of the disease, from the impairment to the limitation in activities and social participation. These objectives can only be achieved with an interdisciplinary approach, already tested by us, which provides for an early, personalized, global and continuous take-over ”

The course was attended by experienced Clinics of theCharcot Marie Tooth’s disease: the dr. Giuseppe Piscosquito, neurologist at the Salvatore Maugeri foundation in Telese Terme (BN), spoke on the neurological aspects of the disease and its prospects, while dr. Francesco Ferraro, physiatrist and neurologist, director of the Complex Structure Rehabilitation Neuromotor Multifunctional Rehabilitation Presidium “Don Primo Mazzolari” of Bozzolo, has addressed all aspects related to rehabilitation. The surgical part, supported in the decision making process by the Movement Analysis Laboratory, was addressed by the neuro-orthopedic surgeon dr. Paolo Zerbinati (Sol et Salus).

The second session of the course took place in an interactive way: the doctors, together with the physiotherapists dr.ssa Cinzia Peschiera of the hospital garrison of Bozzolo and dr.ssa Irene Carantini of Acmt-Rete, carrying out activities at the Presidio Ospedaliero di Bozzolo (MN) , evaluated some patients, volunteered for the practical parts, and proposed together with the learner diagnostic and therapeutic options. We would like to thank ACMT-Rete and the companies SIMFER (Italian Society of Rehabilitative Physical Medicine) and SIRN (Italian Society of Neurological Rehabilitation) for having granted patronage to the event.