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Sol et Salus ospedale privato accreditatoSol et Salus was founded in 1949 as a rehabilitation centre affiliated with the Ministry of Health to provide medical, surgical and rehabilitative care. In 1978, after the introduction of the national health service, Sol et Salus was recognised as a medical and rehabilitative nursing home. In 1996 the Emilia Romagna region accredited Sol et Salus through the National Health Service with 140 beds specialising in physical medicine and functional rehabilitation.

In 2003, an operations unit for orthopaedic and general surgery was set up in the Private Accredited Hospital Sol et Salus with 2 operating theatres and a surgical clinic.

From 1996 to 2000, in anticipation of the network establishment for severe brain injuries in the Emilia Romagna region (GRACER = Italian National registery of server acquired brain injuries) the operational unit of neurorehabilitation at Sol et Salus was subject to an intense training programme for its doctors and health professionals as well as the redefinition of the patient’s course and procedure and equipment adjustments. In July 2004, 25 neurorehabilitation code 75 (highly specialty) beds were attributed to Sol et Salus having created the Hub and Spoke system for the GRACER network as a result of an equipment availability survey “… of structures, personnel and adequate expertise taking in all patients with ABI (severe acquired brain injury), with a specifically dedicated organizational structure. …”. An essential part of the serious brain injury unit is the highly rehabilitative semi-intensive operational unit that Sol et Salus has already had since 2001, which is able to guarantee, “… alongside intensive inside assistance, a more structured and assiduous rehabilitation treatment as well as daily contact with the patient and his family.  The passage in this area is connected to the resuscitation department and is equipped with a specific space and work organization and takes place as soon as the problems relating to the survival of the patient are overcome and an initial and partial autonomy of respiratory assistance system is possible…”.

Sol et Salus storia Since 1996 Sol et Salus has an active laboratory for movement analysis and biomechanics used not only for clinical needs (equipment evaluation and spasticity treatment) but also for research studies by regional and extra-regional universities. Since 2006 the laboratory has been working in close collaboration with the neuro-orthopaedics team composed of a neuro-orthopaedic surgeon, physiatrist, physiotherapist and biomedical engineer. The neuro-orthopaedics evaluations and interventions (also called functional surgery) which are performed in very few other Italian centres, in which the Sol et Salus team have accumulated experience and have obtained results which are aimed at patients from the Emilia Romagna region as well as many other Italian regions.

Since 1991 Sol et Salus has an occupational therapy service with a dedicated gym and from the GRACER establishment network it has a speech therapy service (active since 1983) operating in conjunction with the clinical neuropsychology and phoniatrics.

Since 2012 Sol et Salus has acquired the robotic instrumentation aimed at the specific upper limb rehabilitation and stepping verticalization for patients with central neurologic injury in the immediate post-acuity.

Since 2002 the Sol et Salus has started and has progressively applied quality management during its procedures and since 2005 all the departments and services have been operating with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification, regularly renewed at each scheduled deadline.