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carta dei servizi sol et salus

Dear citizens and users,
The service card is a document which protects your rights. Its contents represent a commitment that Sol et Salus hospital assumes towards those who use its services.
In addition to the general presentation of the hospital structure, missions and aims, the card provides detailed information on all the services provided as well as departments available. In particular the organizational, functional and logistic characteristics of the operating units and the quality, quantity and aims of the health services provided within. It highlights the hospitals medium-term programme aims and the equipment used in order to verify the users and publics satisfaction and level of quality reached.

Hoping that the contents of these pages are simple and straight forward for all, we invite you to read it in order to find out what Sol et Salus hospital can do for you.
* (The cardinal themes of the service card are consistent with Article 14 of the Legislative Decree 502/1992 on the reorganisation of health matters).

President Dott. Marco Vasini
Sol et Salus Management