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Person Responsible: Simona Bertini

The Sol et Salus hospital constantly measures and analyses patient/user satisfaction.

The information source on customer satisfaction for the activities carried out are:

  • Customer satisfaction questionnaires;
  • Customer complaint management in regards to the activities and services provided in order to improve the service offered and provided.

gestione accreditamento qualitàComplaints and direct communications which are registered provide continuous evidence of satisfaction or dissatisfaction during the services provided and how they are then managed is the Health Director’s responsibility.
Analysis of the answers to the customer satisfaction questionnaires indicate the degree of satisfaction /dissatisfaction during the service provided and at the end of hospitalisation and it represents an essential element for activity planning such as:

  • Environment alteration / renovation, in order to always guarantee a high level of comfort;
  • Worker’s technical – relational training, in order to improve interpersonal and technical – professional relationships;
  • Organizational adjustment/modification to harmonise coexistence in the health facility.

The questionnaires have a six month frequency and it is the quality manager’s responsibility to submit them to management to discuss outcome. The Sol et Salus hospital undergoes an annual test by an external certification body as well as managing a planned internal audit. The purpose of internal audits is to guarantee:

  • Keeping high level quality management over a long period of time;
  • Evaluating the personnel’s quality system knowledge and consequently identifying actions and behaviours in contrast with the principles of the quality system;
  • Identifying activities and operating methods that do not have any real value for the client or management;
  • Identifying needs for improvement which may not emerge from the data collection;

The audit plan which is established annually can be integrated during the year depending on the outcome or in case of critical issues occurring (e.g. Complaints, monitoring results, etc..).

The personnel assigned to verify this procedure are qualified according to precise criteria and the independence of the person performing this verification is always guaranteed, including activities pertaining to the person in charge of quality system.
The internal audit results are assessed by management when reviewing the quality system in order to correct or improve any actions.