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Sol et Salus missionTo welcome anyone who ask for better health and by putting the person at the centre of care interventions

To implement this mission, the Sol et Salus hospital assists people and families who are faced with simple to serious and complex illnesses and disabilities with its specialized skills. The interventions extend from the surgical and medical phase of semi-intensive therapy to the final domiciliation with direct activation of the outpatient and territorial services.

As well as ordinary surgical and rehabilitative hospitalization, the hospital offers outpatient services and Day Hospital admissions to complete the diagnosis and treatment courses.

With this in mind, the Sol et Salus hospital strategies are aimed at:
– constant necessary training and skill acquisition needed to carry out its health and organizational activities;
– actively participating in scientific research together with national and international universities and institutes and ensuring that it is spread across the academic field;
– having treatment techniques and protocols available which adhere to the most modern national and international guidelines;
– equipment and technology acquisition for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation offered by world scientific research;
– developing services characterized by one or more highly specialized aspects of excellence;
– managing communication so that the Sol et Salus hospital service development can be easily used by local and national users;
– protecting the patient’s admission as well as their families by paying attention to all elements related to treatment, environment, personnel and information which create a less grave and more serene stay and perspective;
– supporting projects that support activity promotion and disabled participation by destroying architectural and social obstacles;
– developing new projects and new structural adjustments following the ecological green economy logic so as to harmonize the location potential and health activities in the environment in which it is located.