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sol et salus ospedale privato accreditato
The Health Network

The Private Accredited Sol et Salus Hospital and the Private Prof. E. Montanari Nursing Home have created a network of companies: the Health Network. Thanks to the stipulation of a specific contract and the creation of a new accredited entity, the Network itself, the two structures are able to jointly manage the bed facilities and improve the quality of the services offered thanks to:

rete della salute

  • Quality integration
  • Sharing professional skills
  • Continuous comparison and improvement of the procedures
  • Sharing structural, technological and organisational resources.

The path that was followed has been indicated in the new hospital standards, as seen in the 2015 DM 70 which set an acceptability threshold. It started with 60 beds for acute patients and at the same time encouraged aggregation of several patients for accreditation purposes, between two or more accredited hospital facilities, The new Health Network therefore represents a futuristic model of private health.

The hospital structure
The Sol et Salus hospital is a private hospital accredited by the Emilia Romagna National Health Service. In its departments it can accommodate up to 140 regular inpatients and Day Hospital patients; it has highly specialised clinics and supplementary services to meet the increasingly complex and articulate health needs of its users.

The structure is organised on three levels which are divided into the following Operation Units and services:

• Transversal services
• Outpatient specialists

Sol et Salus ospedale certificatoSol et Salus certified hospital. The Hospital is fully certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
The quality requirements are constantly being monitored by the certification authorities to guarantee the standard of services provided.

The Sol et Salus Hospital offers health services:
– under the National Health Service accreditation system
– privately
– in agreement (with insurances, welfare and assistant funds)

Whatever regime is implemented, the health service offered is all of the same standard quality.